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Professional Golf Coaching

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Practice, Practice, Practice

Are you practicing hard, hitting lots of balls, but seeing no improvements in your handicap or your game?

There are many reasons why this could be, but one of the key questions you need to ask yourself is...."What area of my game actually needs practice?". Is it driving, mid-irons, short game, up and down conversion rates, putting long or short distance?

1. If you dont know the answer to the question above you need to start using a statistics sheet to track your game and ensure you know the answer to this question!

Click here - to download a free statistics sheet and practice plan

2. Once you know the answer how do you practice that area?

Try to record your practice session and have a measurement of how it is going? Simulate a fairway or practice getting up and down and record your success rate, any ways you can measure and record your practice is good practice. You can start setting personal goals or personal bests to beat. 

Coming soon are some skills tests for you to use in your practice sessions! You can also download other tools to help your game - Click here

Start recording your golf rounds and make sure you are practicing better not longer!

Happy Golfing, 

David Fulcher - Advanced PGA Golf Teaching Professional