Professional Golf Coaching

Professional Golf Coaching

Short Game

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Putting Technique

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Lob Shot


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"Pitch, Bounce and Stop" Shot


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Greenside Bunkers

Bunker play doesn't need to be a feared part of your game. 

Select your sand wedge: 

- Open the clubface, but dont aim left with your body. Keep everyone sqaure or parallel to the target just like your full swing. 

- Create a firm wide foundation with your feet. Wiggle your feet into the sand and get a feel for the depth and texture of the sand.

- The only change to your swing now is to swing more around your body and let the club glide through the sand. 

Putting - Distance Control

Distance control isn't about the perfect putting technique or stroke, it is combining: 

- Green Reading

- Pre-shot routine (how you rehearse or get ready to hit a longer putt)

- "Feeling" the stroke you need to use to achieve a good putt from distance



Chip and Run

The key to chip and run shots around the green is to: 

1. Decide the where to land the ball 

(The best landing zone is the flatest part of the green and a few paces onto the green)

2. Once you have decided the landing zone, then choose a club which can land in the zone and roll out to the flag. 

Choose your top 3 clubs to chip and run with and become familair and confident with using these various clubs around the green.


Chip and "Check"



New Videos and drills coming soon!


I have worked with David for some 4 years now , my understanding of the golf swing has got better and better , my course management and overall fitness is now what it should be to play the game of golf this is all down to David and I can not thank him enough for getting me back to having fun when I play this game.

Danny Butler, Group Managing Director, T&D Group of Companies