Professional Golf Coaching

Professional Golf Coaching

Golf Physiotherapy and Golf Specific Fitness

David has partnered with Andrew Caldwell (BSc (Hons) MSc MCSP) who is a specialist Golf Physiotherapist.



Active Therapy golf profiling allows you to identify specific imbalances of flexibility, stability, posture, balance and sequencing which may contribute toward swing faults, postural dysfunction or injury. The aim is to help you perform better, hit longer, swing smoother and above all enjoy your golf. So Active Therapy golf profiling will help you to identify key areas to improve golf performance:

• Correct swing faults

• Improve golf performance

• Reduce the risk of golf injury

• Improve golf specific fitness training through a long term athletic plan

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Contact telephone number for bookings is +44 (0)7970110526 and receive a unique discount by quoting the CODE: DFGolf_Physio.






Mark Bull - 3D Biomechanics 

Looking for greater distance, better consistency and fewer injuries? Our system's comprehensive 3D analysis can help you become more powerful, more consistent and pain free!

See how David and Mark can help with your golf see the video below: